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The Saga of the Music

Ancient History

David and his brother Dare Mason started making music with their friend Marty Willson-Piper way back in the early 70s. They formed a band called "Uncle Rufus" and played a series of gigs in Birkenhead and Liverpool. David left the band in 1974 after a row over the big school assembly gig.

Dare Mason moved to Australia for several years and began a highly successful career in the music industry as a sound engineer and record producer.  He continued to work with Marty Willson-Piper who until recently was the lead guitarist of The Church, an Australian band that found world-wide fame in the 80s and 90s and are still performing today (Marty plays guitar on "The Bun Fight" on the Chocolatay album).  Dare returned to the UK and worked at the prestigious Town House Studios in London.  He now runs his own studio in Penzance called The VIP Lounge and still records studio albums with Marty as Noctorum.

Modern History

In 2002, David and Dare began recording together again.  David provides the lyrics and melodies whilst Dare is the musician and producer.  The combination results in songs that are energetic and exciting with a huge variety of rhythms and styles.  Dare plays instruments himself or session musicians are brought in to deliver a high quality music experience.  

The music is a rare commodity in that it fills the gap between nursery rhymes and mass-market pop music.  The humour of the songs, however, is not lost on parents who find themselves inadvertently humming those unforgettable tunes!

After the first album's release in 2002, David continued to write and perform his songs a cappella in schools. However, there was always a plan to release another album with Dare and so "Do the Dinosaurus" came to life.

The Masonettes

The group consists of Dave's wife Helen and four of their six children:  Rosa, Rory, Lily and Poppy.


The Musicians and Production Teams 

The Musicians

As all the music is REAL and played by REAL musicians on REAL instruments.

Lead Vocals

Dave Mason on all tracks except Baa Baa Bright Sheep and Rockpool.

Dare Mason on Baa Baa Bright Sheep and Rockpool

Backing Vocals

Dare Mason, Helen Mason, Rosa Mason, Rory Mason, Lily Mason, Poppy Mason

Vicky Abbot on Rock Pool

Holly Rogers on Another World

Acoustic Guitar

Josh Aubrey - Poo on your Shoe

Slide Guitar

Richard Searby-Gates - Juicy Berries

Lead Guitar

Jeff Sleeman - Wibble Wobble


Tony King - Poo on your Shoe 


Nick McCleod on Do the Dinosaurus, Poo on your Shoe, Into the Sea, Get Back Cat! and Rockpool

Mat Harding on Juicy Berries and Wibble Wobble


Kirk Bowman - Poo on your Shoe


Marc Hadley - Get Back Cat!


Paul Harris - Poo on your Shoe


Tony King on Get Back Cat!

Nya Murray on Do the Dinosaurus

Double Bass

Ross Williams - Get Back Cat!


Mikey Ponsford - Poo on your Shoe

All other instruments played by Dare Mason

Music by David and Dare Mason

Lyrics by David Mason